Villa Academy Learning Pavilion

A collaborative project between the Board of Directors at Villa Academy and primary sponsors Jim and Kim Thorpe has come to fruition in the form of Seattle’s first outdoor learning pavilion. Many teachers at Villa feel there should be no walls in education, meaning there should be no limits to a student’s intellectual growth.

The learning pavilion will consist of 2 outdoor classrooms, and modeled after a treehouse with views of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington. Access from the main campus to the learning treehouses will be via new paths, ramps, and staircases. The new classrooms and access ways will be constructed with the utmost respect for, and protection of, the native, regulated plants in the work area. Putting the students up close and personal with nature will cultivate connections to not only the native plants and animals in their own backyard but to the Greater Pacific Northwest.

Research shows that outdoor education for children results in improved emotional well-being, increased attention and motivation. Bringing the students closer to nature will foster enhanced learning, provide a richer environment, and increase happiness. Projected completion date of the outdoor learning pavilion is ________. Villa Academy, Jim and Kim Thorpe, and many others involved with this project are thrilled for the children to have some of their own space among the trees.

Villa Academy is a Catholic independent school dedicated to excellence in the education of the whole child and guided by the Cabrinian tradition of educating compassionate hearts and confident minds.